About the CEO

Dr. D. A. Dennis, Sr. moved to Florida from Baltimore, Maryland with his company, Mastery Beyond Boundaries as a self-help organization, focused on assisting individuals start businesses, entrepreneurship, job readiness, etc. After receiving his Ph.D in 2016, he decided to turn the company into a counseling/therapy practice to help individuals, groups, children and families lead a better quality life especially in the black community! Dr. Dennis started in the spiritual  community, where he began to counsel several different pastors, leaders, and lay persons in reference to their spiritual path, as well as the direction of their respective ministries and personal lives.

This eventually expanded into the secular community,  because of the need of people to get to the "root" causes of family, spousal, and individual challenges. In 2016 Mastery Beyond Boundaries became a full practice specializing in Holistic Life Counseling, Life Coaching, and healing all around the board, using non-invasive, no-drug therapy for physical and mental ailments and conditions.

Some of Dr. Dennis's credentials include:

A Bachelors and Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science.

Ph.D, Holistic Life Counseling

Certified Metaphysical Practitioner/Teacher

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Certified Nutritional Advisor

Certified Life Coach

Certified Anatomist & Physiologist

Motivational Speaker/Lecturer

Certified Hypnotherapist

Reiki Master Teacher

Youth Boot Instructor / Counselor (Troubled Youth Program)

Author of the book : "The Perils of Institutional Indoctrination; Getting Beyond the Veil"

and much more!

His life is dedicated to the effective treatment  of the mental challenges  that plague the black community and society, with real solutions,  not empty sessions of questions and answers only. Dr. Dennis spends alot of time with youth and young adults in the urban communities as well, providing a Diversion Program for youth that have been arrested and young adult first time offenders. He believes that all challenges are spiritual (psyche) in nature, and that all are able to be healed through patience and the unadulterated knowing that "Everything begins with a thought."

His company motto is: "Awakening the Excellence in You! " This phrase covers the ultimate goal of the practice, which is to see everyone discover their true greatness!

"In order to have better, we must think better, do better, be better."

"Get rid of the parasites in your life, that feed off of what you eat."

"You become the sum total of your five closest friends."

Counseling/Therapy Fees:

The first appointment is typically 80-90 minutes long; this longer time permits us to discuss your situation in-depth. Regularly scheduled individual therapy appointments are ordinarily 1 hour long. Portions of an hour, such as 30 minutes, may be scheduled with children and are billed accordingly.

Service Fees:

Initial Assessment (First Appointment) $150.00

Individual Counseling (1 hr) $125.00

Individual Counseling (80 to 90 min) $170.00

Family Counseling $160.00 (1 hr)

Group Counseling Fees:

Groups usually span from 50 to 90 minutes, depending on the design of the group experience. Children’s groups are of shorter duration, about 30 to 45 minutes.

Group Counseling/Therapy $25.00 – $50.00 per person

Couples Counseling (1 hr) $140.00

Life Coaching fees:

Individual Coaching (1 hr) $85.00

Group Coaching $10 - $25 per person

Motivational Speaking/Lectures:

Motivational Speaking fees vary according to travel, length of event, and size of crowd.

Fees can range from $250 - $1500 not including travel and lodging.

Reiki Healing: $75 per session

For Booking or to schedule a Free consultation call 1(800) 944-5418 or Email at mbb@consultant.com

Created by Dr. D. A. Dennis, Sr., Ph.D